My photographic journey started at age 14 when I purchased my first SLR camera with the earnings from my part time job sorting empty bottles into crates at a local hotel. That camera, a Russian Zenit 3, was heavy, fully manual with no automatic functions whatsoever, and built like a tank! I dived in and taught myself everything I could about shutter speeds, apertures, depth of field, differential focus, contre-jour lighting, and processing. I looked forward to Wednesdays which was the day that Amateur Photographer came out each week in UK and I read it avidly.

Over the years I have upgraded within the film realm and was an early adopter of the digital space, in which I have worked for the last 15+ years, always using Nikon equipment. I have won a number of photographic competitions, sold many stock images and been published internationally.

I enjoy the challenge of all kinds of photography, and I take every opportunity to learn new techniques both at the shooting stage and post-production which is a skill in itself.

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